Monday, May 17, 2010

Sketchcrawl and Culturefest!

Hope everybody's doing well...I haven't posted anything in a while! It's been pretty busy at work but I'm hoping to lose myself in some hobbies this summer. Mainly writing, but hopefully some sketching just as much. Sketchcrawl just introduced me to a gold mine for sketching fun characters: The Ferry Building. I had no idea there was a farmer's market every weekend that drew so many people. Is it like that every time? Unfortunately, I made it late to the sketchcrawl and eventually had to head over to Union Square leaving me only a few sketches from the Ferry Building. I'm definitely going back! It was overwhelming how many different people of all shapes and sizes were interacting with each other.

The next day I stopped by the Culturefest in Oakland/Temescal area and sketched a few people and some performers. I wish I had woken up earlier to run BaytoBreakers then sketch afterwards but better luck next year.