Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bomba Estéreo at Stern Grove Festival on Sunday. Traffic court in SF for Red Light Ticket on Monday.

I never been to Stern Grove, but DAMN! Great place to sketch and the music was CRAZY good. The next morning I had to wake up early to fight one of my two red light tickets. Drew some people there while waiting...the row of women didn't appreciate it.

Thank you for coming by=)


Joe Lee said...

nice terry! hey man thanks for the bday wishes. btw have you ever considers using watercolors on these?

Terry Song said...

Hi Joe! Yes, I HAVE considers using the watercolors on these one lol...

...I think I've tried watercolors once or twice, and got frustrated. I gotta just get myself to keep at it and find the technique. Or somebody can show me?

Don't I have to have drawn these on watercolor paper first?

Joe Lee said...

nah u can do in sketchbooks, just be careful not to make the paper completely wet.

hmm i think chris chua does watercolors u could maybe ask him. once u get a brush pen full of water, its pretty manageable